As I write this, I glance up at the time displayed on my iPhone. It’s 4:34am. I’m in bed, on my belly, tapping away on my phone because I’m still up and a load of thoughts are buzzing around my head. I can’t nod off. Maybe this is because I’ve just watched the 2017 Royal Rumble which has left me with lots of questions, (why let Goldberg boy Lesnar like that, why Roman Reigns at #30, why no throwback entrants?!) but the reason why I’m still up at almost 5am is probably the double-espresso I had at about 10:30pm. A terrible, terrible idea. 

I like coffee. I like to grind my own beans in my ceramic burr grinder to use in my chrome-effect cafetière, and I have a mason jar full of espresso-ground coffee that I use when I want to treat myself to a tiny cup of awesomeness. But amidst all the ‘way-too-late’ delirium I had an epiphany: why not make espresso at work? WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY. 

Now, far be it from me to be a coffee snob, but I don’t like the idea of the capsule coffee makers. It’s shitty coffee and it just feels super wasteful to chuck away those little plastic pods every time you want a cup of the black stuff. So I had an idea and Google gave me the answer:

All you need to do is buy one of these bad boys, take it in to work along with your espresso maker (those beautiful, octagonal, screw-apart little beauties that everyone needs) and bob’s your uncle! Awesome coffee for the same price, if not cheaper, than buying a terrible coffee machine! It’s bound to at least quadruple my productivity, I’m sure of it.

Not sure what the rest of the people at work will think about me lugging in what is essentially camping equipment in to work just to fanny about and make coffee, but I’m willing to find out!



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