So I’ve not added to my blog in ages. Ever since I got my new job in fact. When I say “new job” it’s actually been almost six months since I left retail and started my career in digital, so I’m not sure if that can even still be described as ‘new’.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I’ve taken the new year as an excuse to re-focus on what’s important to me. Or to prioritise what I want to be important to me; I want to write more. I want to run more. I want to read more. I want to make time to see my friends and family more. I want to do more stuff, rather than buy more stuff. Now, it’s impossible to have five priorities – because you can’t completely dedicate yourself to five things at once – so I’m starting with something that I can remedy quickly. Stop messing around and write something. A different day might bring a different focus, a different priority.

Deciding on what your priorities should be is a simple + vs – equation, or a balance of pain vs pleasure. So, today I’ve decided to get up at 6am, instead of 6:30am. Because the pain of getting up half an hour early is less than the pain of not being able to say “Yeah, I write a little.” And it’s outweighted by the pleasure that writing gives me. So instead of using this half an hour to scroll through Twitter or Instagram – which I still enjoy and won’t ever condemn people for using – I made the conscious decision to spend that time more creatively. I really want to work harder with my writing, and although I’m not really sure in what direction it’ll take me, actually sitting down at my laptop, opening the WordPress app and tapping away is a good start. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book that gets adapted into a Netflix special?

Already I feel a little happier with myself for finally being able to get something down and post it out. I’m starting to feel like we could all do something different to re-focus on what truly brings us happiness. So if you COULD do one thing today to make your self happier – just get on and do it.

Make a habit of doing more of what makes you happy. Work at it and it’ll become your passion.


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