Week #12: It’s A New Day, Yes It Is.

As you may know, it’s not long until I stop selling t-shirts, trainers and other fancy clothes and get behind a laptop to start my new job. I’m going to be a Social Media and Content Executive for Total Guide To Ltd. In short, I’ll be writing online articles for a website that promotes local events and businesses in Swindon and Bath, as well as writing various pieces for our clients.

I’ve already had my first taste of the new job as I attended my first ‘networking event’. My company invited all of their Swindon- and Bath-based clients to a local gin bar and we ‘networked’. From what I gather that just means have a massive laugh on free gin, something I can definitely approve of!

I had a bit of training today on how to physically get my work on to the relevant sites, and I’ve chatted a bit about some work going forward with the likes of Bath Rugby and Swindon Town Football Club. So all in all, I’m really looing forward to getting started!

My last shift at The Forum will be Saturday 30th of July, so if you’re about, roll through and say hi!


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